Text Messages of the Day



So Lili has been going around the house collecting change in her halloween bucket and she said "I dont want candy im going tricking for money"



Eric: Any interest in hittin the rink?
David: Lots. What time though? I kind of have a wierd day
Eric: I was hopin soon...but malinger isn't responding yet....fucker.
David: Ok. But I'm fat and Habsburg skated in like 5 months, so I'm gone be pretty shitty. More so than usual
Eric: Lol......habsburg?
David: I have no idea what my phone is autocorrecting to anymore. It "fixed" a message I sent to turbo about Netflix streaming to Negroid streaming
And I can't even make that shit up
Eric: Hahaha....when can you go?
David: Fuck, Laura left Luca home. I just found him
Eric: So that means you can't go? Dave just hit me up and said he is ready
David: I was going to say now, but I guess not. As soon a's she gets back from the store so probably within the next 45 mins
Eric: Ok......so you wanna just meet at 230?
David: Well... If I bundle him up.... How safe do you think this line of reasoning is?
Eric: Is that autocorrect ? 230 is in an hour...so you should be good
David: Lara is on her way home now, I would probably about meet you there if you left Josiah
David: Fuck... Nowish
David: Fucking phone
Eric: Josiah!! Hahahahahaha
Eric: Ok....so leave nowish?

David: USPS!
David: Yes. FUCK!!!!
Eric: You need me to go to the post office? Also...i think I have your stick. OOoooooOooOooOOoOOOOOOOOOO



Here is a conversation me and ___ just had. mom your the best mom in the whole world. Thanks and your the best kid in the whole world. then ___ says and ___ is the best baby in the whole world and dad is the boringest in the whole world. Me why are u always so mean to daddy? ___ because hes a mexican



Lili made friends with a little black girl in the pool whos name is raven but Lily thought it was Raisin lmao she kept calling her that



And my mother in law gets right in ____'s face and talks at a level of screaming even when shes asleep it pisses me off so much and last night i was trying to get ___ in bed and they wouldnt stop fucking with her cuz they never leave they stay all damn night. Thank god i started drinking today