From the Trusted Scientists at Berber...


We here at Berber have always strived to provide families around the globe with reliable products that help promote healthy living in an increasingly unhealthy world. That's why we're happy to announce a new product that's been turning heads and changing lives. That's right, Ginger Kid Poison.


It's no secret that being around a ginger is one of the most feared experiences in all families, new and old alike. That's why we've developed this great new product. Now you can rest easy and know that your children won't have to run the risk of touching or looking into the dead, hollow eyes of a ginger at the playground or at school.

But one thing that the average family doesn't think about is the risk of giving birth to a ginger. Even with the most up to date medical advancements, it's still impossible to know for certain if you're carrying a ginger in the womb. For those families that are given a newborn ginger, you now have access to a more humane solution to your problem. Consider it a late term abortion. And since ginger's have no soul, you have the comfort of knowing that you have the full backing of the catholic church.

Here's what one happy mother had to say:

"Before I used this product, I hated the feeling I would get when I would tuck my bastard son into bed. Now, I can go to bed in peace. Thanks Berber!"

From all of us here at Berber, thank you for your continued support and have a great new year!

-James J Johnson

Founder and CEO