Thinking of (Wii) U



The Wii U.

Wii UIt’s kind of an interesting system for me in that I know I’m going to buy one, but I don’t really know if I should. I love Nintendo games. To play their games, you need to own their hardware. That’s where they already have me hooked.

But I don’t know if the hardware is up to snuff. And I don’t know if the tablet controller will really be a game changer. I don’t know if the 3rd party support will be there, and I don’t know if it’s going to be totally obsolete in a year.

These were all things that had me worried about the Wii, but I still enjoyed that system. The Mario Galaxy games were top notch, as were the Zelda games. On top of all that, Xenoblade Chronicles may just be my favorite game of this entire generation of systems. So why have I played my PS3 and Xbox 360 much more heavily through the years?

Mass Effect. And Gears of War. And Uncharted. And Little Big Planet. And Metal Gear Solid 4. And the list goes on. The Wii had games that were great just for being great. The PS3 and the Xbox 360 and games that were great in that they showed what was possible with real modern hardware. Graphics aren’t everything, but...

I honestly don’t know if the Wii U is going to really be “modern hardware.” I may be wrong when all is said and done, but the Wii U games look a lot like PS3/360 games. What happens when the new Playstation and Xbox are shown off and possibly put the Wii U to shame? But the same could really be said about the Wii when it released, so is this really a knock against the system? I don’t know.

Tomorrow, I get to try the Wii U. Being the Pikmin junky that I am, I’m sure I’ll be sold the second I try that demo. They have me. In fact, I’m sure they have all of the Nintendo fans out there already. But that’s where things get interesting. If you don’t really care about Nintendo and their games, do you have a reason to even care about the Wii U?

Maybe I’ll know that answer tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.